We love retro gaming, so what better way to celebrate this era than to bring it in to our homes. These are our top picks for the classic Space Invaders.

1. Space Invaders Wall Stickers

Space Invaders Wall Stickers

Available from Luckies Of London for £49.95

2. Space Invaders Toilet Roll Holder

Space Invaders Toilet Roll Holder

Available from Etsy for £39.20

3. Space Invaders Chair

Space Invaders Chair

Not technically available to buy (yet) but still, worth including. Maybe if we can drum up enough interest they can be moved from prototype to fully manufactured! Designed by Dorothy.

4. Space Invaders Hanging Mobile

Space Invaders Hanging Mobile

Great for you little geekling! Available on Etsy for £49.99

5. Space Invaders Gift Wrap

Space Invaders Wrapping Paper

A nice freebie courtesy of MinieCo. Download the Space Invaders wrapping paper PDF and print on to A4.

6. Space Invaders Playing Cards

Space Invaders Playing Cards

Available from The Hut at £7.99

7. Space Invaders Business Cards

Space Invaders Business Cards

Not strictly something for your home, but we couldn't leave it out! Price of these is unknown, but you can get in touch with the designer to request a quote.

8. Space Invaders Coasters

Space Invaders Coasters

Available to buy from our very own site (I know, shameless) for £9.

If there is anything you think we've missed, leave us a comment and we'll add to the collection!